‘The Contact Sheet’ Podcast Is Live!

I’m very excited to announce that after a busy few weeks of interviewing and editing, my new podcast, ‘The Contact Sheet’, is finally live!

The Contact Sheet is a weekly photography show that focuses on both the craft and the journey. I’ve kicked things off with interviews with some really great photographers, including Ian Howorth, Matt Day, David duChemin, Kyler Zeleny, and Willem Verbeeck—all live and ready to listen to now. You can check out the website here. The episodes are also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. If you enjoy the show, it would be awesome if you subscribe, review, and share it!

How I Edit My Fuji X100F Files

After owning a Fuji X100F for a little over three months, I have to say that I’ve been incredibly impressed by this camera. The majority of my work has been and still is shot on film, but for a while, I’d been in search of a smaller compact digital camera to carry with me day-to-day.

The Fuji X100 series seemed like the perfect candidate.  It’s small and stylish and has a retro rangefinder feel. It also has a number of features that were appealing to me—the optical viewfinder and film simulations to name a few. 

After posting some images on my Instagram that I created using this camera, as well as the new X100V, I had a number of people reach out to me and ask about how I process my images. So, I decided to make this video to give a BTS look at how I work with the files, and also the approach I take to keep the look consistent with my film work. 

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