ONE IMAGE : Shoot Less, Look Closer & Create Stronger Images

"take the next step with your photography and start creating your BEST work yet!"


The most important part of the photographic process is understanding the value and impact of working with a quality over quantity mindset. More often than not it seems that people use a volume approach while creating images, rather than focusing on creating a single piece of work that is made up of a number of personal and purposeful decisions.

One Image is a 196 page guide that will teach you how to create images that are built with intention, personality, and visual impact. It details a complete breakdown of the creative process and focuses on each step—including mindset, location scouting, composition, and production—as well as the thoughts and approaches you need to create your best images yet.

Dive into the creative process with me as I show you a behind the scenes look at how I approach every image that I create. Learn why being proficient technically isn't enough to create great work, and how every image needs to be built with a number of personal and meaningful decisions. 

Take control of your art and start creating the work that matters most to you!

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Pages: 196
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This book is for you if:

  • You have a solid technical understanding, but feel like your images lack personality and direction. 
  • You're having a hard time creating images that aren't based around iconic locations or common subjects.
  • You feel that every time you go out to create you're crossing your fingers and taking a shot in the dark.
  • You lack a solid workflow from conception to post processing. 
  • You lack confidence in your decisions and find yourself being influenced by outside opinions.
  • You'd like to find your direction and develop your unique creative vision. 
  • You'd like to start creating work that is of the highest quality possible, both technically and creatively.


What People Are Saying

One Image is the culmination of Kyle’s years of experience in photography but is not a DIY manual in the cookbook sense. It’s a guide to finding your own voice, so you can do it all yourself, organically. I had the opportunity to take a look at this a few weeks ago, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
— Greg Russell
I’ve just spent four days going through your book and it’s having more impact on me than the 30 some others I’ve read over the last year. I’m a very later bloomer in photography and have been studying madly to develop my skills at a higher level, but your book is what I really needed now to regroup, refocus and re-orient my growth in a more meaningful and personal direction as an amateur photographer. Your book is very well written and effectively structured and balanced for cumulative effect. The right things are said in the right place and in the right order.
— Claude Hamel
So much thought, insight, and heart have been poured into this book! I can’t recommend this enough... so inspiring!
— Wayne Simpson

What's Included

  • A 196 page breakdown of the image making workflow, including: Location Scouting, Mood & Story, Crafting The Composition, Production, and Waiting For The Moment.
  • A guide to discovering what you want to say as an artist, and how you can say it by making deliberate choices during the image creation process.
  • Theories and examples that will help you create the work that is most important to you, regardless of what it may be.
  • In-depth discussion about location scouting including ways to focus and connect with the landscape.
  • A look at creating compositions, including different creative choices and the ways that they compliment specific moods. 
  • A breakdown of the production process looking at the technical decisions that need to be made, and the order of importance they need to be made in. 
  • The different types of light available, how you can use them, and why "epic" conditions might not always be the best.
  • A look at dynamic elements and how to work them into your image for maximum impact.
  • How technical decisions affect the mood and story and why those two elements should always come first. 
  • The importance of studying the landscape and how awareness factors in to the post-processing stage.
Add to Cart - $14.95