I'm a fine art photographer and filmmaker, currently residing in the Muskoka region of Ontario, who has a passion for exploring interesting and unique environments. Naturally, the wilderness plays a large role in my work as it's a very important part of my life. Recently, my interests have also been focused on forgotten places; the towns and communities that were once bustling and have now been left behind.

Photography is the one thing that has always felt right to me. It's a departure from the routines of life that I try my best to avoid and an outlet for personal expression. Not only has it shaped the career side of my life, allowing me to meet amazing people and visit exciting locations, but it has influenced a number of personal decisions that I definitely wouldn't have made without it. Because of that, my goal is to help others embrace their creativity, realize their potential, and follow their true interests.

When I'm not creating new work, I run the website Image & Rhythm where I write and teach about photography, creativity, and inspiration. I encourage you to visit the site if you're a photographer and have an interest in joining a community of individuals looking to empower each other to be their best.


Artist Statement

For me, photography is a means of discovery and self-expression. I believe that every image needs to tell its own unique story using elements from the environment in specific ways to act as visual metaphors. The opportunity that photography allows me to create meaningful and emotive work is what drives me forward, influencing me to express my own personality and beliefs.

My approach in creating a new piece of work is one of thoughtfulness, care, and attentiveness. I believe that every image needs to have a message, and that the process can never be rushed. Quality over quantity are words I live by. My goal isn't to create the largest portfolio in the shortest amount of time, or to seek out conditions and locations that I think will garner the most attention. Rather my focus is on assembling a collection of work that is highly individualistic and supportive of my current beliefs and vision, and that allows me to explore the places that intrigue me the most.